Hello, and welcome to edition one of JKY’s blog, with some useful every day yogic and health tips.

In this edition, I will keep it sweet & simple, with an awesome stress relieving breath exercise and my own Top Ten benefits to do yoga.

Sheetali, or commonly known as cooling breathing, is a form of pranayama (breathing) that can stop anxiety. It cools the blood and has a positive effect on the nervous system, relaxing spasms and calming the mind.

Sheetali is a great tool for me; I used to suffer with anxiety and become nauseous – not a desirable symptom. Now I use this breathing technique to calm myself before I am nauseous. Works particularly well, if you are having elevated breathing, e.g. before flying, an interview, etc.

How to:

  1. Roll the tongue (or simply lie flat) and clasp between your teeth.
  2. Inhale from the mouth for approximately 4 counts; can you feel the cool air? That means you are doing it correctly.
  3. Exhales (for approx. 6 counts) out of your nose slowly with your mouth closed.
  4. Repeat 3-6 times, break and repeat again if needed.


  • As this lowers blood pressure please be cautious if you have an existing condition.
  • If you feel dizzy stop the practice and resume normal breathing.


  • Reduces anxiety, stress, calms the entire nervous system and reduces blood pressure.

My top ten benefits to do yoga:

  1. Balances the mind & body with strength and flexibility.
  2. Increases life span.
  3. Reduces depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia.
  4. Boosts energy and self-confidence.
  5. Can be harnessed for pain relief and control.
  6. Removes toxins & improves body immunity.
  7. Improves the 5 main systems (cardio, digestive, muscular, skeletal and nervous) of the body.
  8. Enhances the function of the urinary, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic and endocrine systems.
  9. Prevents, controls and improves many disorders, such as diabetes, HIV, forms of arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.
  10. Creates inner peace and it’s FUN.



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