Good morning

Edition 2, a few weeks after the first 🙂 I struggled to create the perfect contented for this blog, yet I share yoga, every day in person, for a living and that goes well, to say humbly – I love what I do, I could talk for hours about yoga and probably most other things 😛

This morning’s resolution, I am going to write the not perfect blog, life is not about perfection but the action of trying and experiencing .. generally this is invaluable.

Yesterday I spent the evening with the brainy and amazing “@Stemettes” girls, who you should watch out for AKA young flying entrepreneurs to-be!. Their energy yesterday was AMPED!!

Its their last few days in the house, where they have been staying all summer to meet London’s top business heads, learning from their wisdom about marketing, new tech, gadgets and many more intelligent techy projects .. these girls were specially selected for their extra large brainy skills!

As I walked into the house yesterday the girls were finishing up their documentary project, with the girls directing and their amazing team cleaning up the “creative mess” left behind them.

With team looking a little bit tired after nearly 6 weeks looking after 45 girls between 11 – 22 years old … but still loving the experience as working with these girls is a pleasure. I gave a few neck and shoulder rubs, as I passed through bumping into different members of the team and some tips on opening shoulders.

Opening the shoulders essentially is opening the heart, giving you more oxygen – thus awaken you and relieving upper back and neck tension.

Now on to the girls Yoga Class, they have requested steps towards headstands and crow pose… hmmmm are they ready for this? OF COURSE, lets do it!

Before I knew 90 minutes had passed and it was past our time to start the cool down and have dinner!

We all achieved headstands YAY — GO TEAM YOGA and baby crows 🙂 Very proud of the girls.

Afterwards I had a small request; for all the girls to come out and really have team yoga! I wanted to create a human seat for 25 people using the power of a human circle.

(For the video’s check twitter and follow @Stemettes)

First attempt didn’t work, we all fell over on top of each other, limbs everywhere and loud laughs … we dusted off, tightened our circle and were successful on attempt 2 of our human circle seat, using 25 bodies we created a huge human circle and sat on each others laps, balancing our different weights and sizes in perfect unity … and didn’t fall over!! We raised our hands and giggled more ..

Thank you little Stemettes for a lovely evening, great laughs and a nice dinner (including sticky toffee desert) ..

finally left 3 and half hours later ..



A little team boat pose while we wait for the other stemette girls to come out and play yoga.

Team yoga and hand mudras

Beautiful bright spark, cant wait to see you at my next event in Colchester x

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