Commuting during rush hour, walking, cycling, tubing, bussing, driving, flying and so on there is always a peak time in every country where we all could say, yes I have been there and not by choice. Most of us have a story or two!

Public transport is by far the worst place to be during rush hour. It’s hot, clammy, tempers fly easily, people appear faceless; personal space is overridden by armpits and body odours instead.

Easy, avoid public transport like the plague?

My initial thoughts when I returned to London this summer and used my vintage single speed Raleigh to commute around London, it was great!

The endorphin rush, extra training, and avoidance of public transport and not mention impeccable punctuality. However it is now December and I am not as trusty as my old bike in the wet weather. tube plague can no longer be avoided and I must commute on the London Underground in the morning.

It has some benefits as I am not cycling I spend the time alternatively on productive activities. I have always thought the time we spend travelling is unfortunately wasted so I must keep this time if possible by filling it with useful tasks or self development, toe-raises even or just reading. Either way it keeps me entertained.

In addition I am a morning person, my profession general starts early and I love mornings. There is a quiet and clean crisp in the air, and its soon one of my favourite times break-fast. Today the day after my 32nd birthday, I forgot a few of my morning survival pack and I felt the slump of the harsh winter morning, it got me thinking, what keeps me so happy in the morning and I have compiled a list of my must do’s in the morning, maybe there is something here to make you smile … do you have any tips?

  1. Prepare your belongings the night before, include snacks for the journey.

  3. During your shower, blow the mucus from you nose, clear your breathing channels – or try neti Kriya.

  5. Swing your hands, together above your head and exhale as you swing your hands down to the side and repeat 5-20 times.

  7. If you have time a simple sun salutations would be great!

  9. During your journey drink water, and eat watery fruits or nuts to revive tired energy.

  11. Avoid slumping your body down and inwards to prevent closing the chest. Maximizing your breath intake by opening your chest will allow much needed oxygen to your body and mind to increase alertness.

  13. Listen to music

  15. Try a quick breathing relaxation trick, its very simple:

    • Close your eyes
    • Breathe in through the nose
    • Focus on your abdomen as you breath in and the rise of your abdomen with your breath.
    • Notice where the breath fills your body, mentally count one breath in
    • Exhale through your nose
    • While exhaling keep your attention on the abdomen as it draws towards your spine, mentally count the 2nd breath out.
    • Repeat the process, mentally counting the 2nd breath in and then then mentally counting the 2nd breath out
    • Repeat until 10 breathes in and out.
  16. Forgive and be understanding

  18. Find time to journal your thought for a few moments in the morning, it sorts a busy mind.

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