​Knee ache?

Do you remember the days when you called your knees the left knee and the right knee rather than the good knee and the bad knee?

As we get older our knees can begin to ache and we also put our knees through daily torture, and once the pain sets in the knees don’t just hurt but talk to us in cracks, grinds and crunches as we grimace and convince ourselves all is ok. But our knees are important to us and the cracks, grinds and crunches they make are telling us to look after them.

Some small daily steps could restore your knees back to, just wonderful knees.

One of the first things to do is to stop crossing your legs. It is a natural action when we get comfortable and crossed legs feels very relaxing but it is actually not good for your knees. The uneven pressure, 90 degrees is the position of stability for your knee and leg, by leaning your knee sideways you are extending the 90 degrees, causing unequal pressure, stabily and thus damage. This one simple thing to remember may require a little mindfullness at first but will begin to ease your aching knees very quickly, pending on the severity.

Squats sound like something you want to avoid with a sore knee but your knee needs to be kept moving, if the pain is such that squats or bending at all is close to impossible then you should consider visiting a doctor. Squats are all about getting low and holding your body (knees and legs) at the optimal 90 degree angle. A rule of thumb, well a rule of toe to be more accurate is that when you squat you should always be able to see your toes. If you can see your toes then you have not over-extended the important 90 degree angle. Squats are simple exercises that when done properly daily can dramatically improve knee health but if they hurt then you are probably doing them wrong – squats are safe, but you are probably doing them wrong.

Knees can be exercised almost anywhere and with knee ache exercise is vital. While you are waiting for your bus or train when heading to work or on your way home there is a simple exercise you can do. Simply take a ½ metre step forward and bend the front knee very slightly, do not go beyond the magic 90 degrees, place your hands on your hips and hold the position. Then repeat and the do the other knee – both knees, whether you have one good and one bad or two equal knees, need to be exercised equally.

Knees are all about balance and building the muscles around them. Once a person gets to 25 or 30 the filler in the knee, cartilage, stops forming, crossing our legs and a other hazzards life my throw at your knee, creates creates damage and the pain creeps in slowly. We get pain because the soft cushion of cartilage wears out and our knees slowly damaged. Yoga is something that is truly beneficial to the joints, a long with a million more benefits.

Your knees are important. If pain does become too much then a visit to the doctor or a specialist should be considered as soon as possible however a few squats per day, no crossing of legs and a simple exercise on your way to or from work can make all the difference to your knee health. It often takes a little bit of pain to make us aware of something that is important, ideally it should never get to that point, but when it does get to that point, especially with your knees, become more aware of them and remember without them you cannot sit, stand or walk.

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