Abs in 60 seconds, you want them? You have them already underneath the fatty toxins in your body …

Its not really a 6 abdominal pack you are after, its sexy confidence to rock out that crop top, bikini on the beach or just outrageous dress you have been planning to wear.

But I can still get you there with a 60 second plan; small steps will take you to those large changes you desire.

So let’s start, no time like the present … you deserve the body you crave and then tomorrow start in the morning immediately when you wake up, before your shower, before your coffee or any other daily ritual you MUST have, because you if you MUST have the body you want it takes work and breaking old habits, which also causes other positive side effects.

If you want to break a pattern of thought, scientist recommends you break your daily habits. Do your morning routine in a different order, sit in a different seat, and see the world with different eyes.

Let’s get back to this 60-second plan:

Remember to breathe, inhale from the nose to the chest then abdomen and exhale from the abdomen, the chest and through the nose. Deep abdomen breathing and slow exhalation is vital to engage core. Like a balloon, we fill it full of air and it is strong, when all the air is realeased the balloon is flexible.


For 60 seconds, focus on your breath, talk yourself through this 3 step mindful meditation. Lie comfortably.

  1. First accept and acknowledge your emotions (don’t try to alter them, just accept, how do you feel? If sad, remind yourself nothing is everlasting, excited stay grounded and don’t disappear somewhere else.. We are creating the foundations for your 6 pack.

  3. How does your body feel, sore, relaxed, excited for change? Accept & acknowledge

  5. Focus on the abdominal region, breathe in deep and fill your tummy full of air/ life, then exhale and draw the abdomen in, expelling slowly the carbon dioxide/ things that do not serve us. Try to push any obsessive thoughts from the mind by focusing on your breath.



Rid the fatty toxins through a variation of Trikonasana

  1. Bend the right knee into a 90 degree angle, and lean the body the opposite

  3. Use your arm to guide your body down, alignment is the focus, not how deep you go, do not tilt the body forwards,

  5. Engage the core muscles and do not tilt forwards

  7. Now reapeat the opposite side, balance.



To enhance the abdominal muscles – boat pose, hold for 60 seconds or as long as you can.

  1. Raise the legs 45 degrees,

  3. Then raise the body, you can keep the lower back on the group

  5. Focus on the navel

For more fun, you could try with a partner!

Try each of the exercises for 60 seconds, if 60 seconds is too long, try 30 seconds or 15, and add 10 or 5 more seconds each day. When you achieve 60 seconds, keep adding 10 more seconds.

Abs in no time, remember Rome was not built in a day … give your body time to change and remember health starts with self-appreciation.



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