1. How many people can attend a private class?

Up to four people can attend a private class. However, for maximum benefit individual classes are recommended.

Group classes are available upon request.

2. Eating before yoga?

Please do not eat heavily up to two hours before practice. The twisting motions of many Yoga movements and poses will compress the abdomen, causing discomfort or even pain if the belly is full.

3. Do I need a mat or other equipment?

Unless otherwise stated, you will need to bring your own mat. One will however be provided for the first two private classes.

Other equipment as required will be provided.

4. How much space do I need?

Each student only needs space enough for themselves and their mat.

Height: your body height plus arms above your head.
Width: Space for one leg to move horizontally away from the mat, when lying down.

5. What should I wear?

Comfortable workout clothes that allow for free and flexible movement. Yoga pants, or something light and loose.

6. Can I practice Yoga if I'm menstruating?


This is completely dependant on how you feel at the time. Yoga releases tension in the body, relieving period aches and pains. However, some poses may increase the flow of your period.

7. Is one to two hours each week enough?

Our classes are designed to lead you towards developing your own practice, through a combination of physical practice and optional homework.

As a general rule, the more you practice, the more lasting the health benefits will be; although you will begin to feel the benefits from you very first class.

8. When is the ideal time to do Yoga?

This very much depends on what you want to achieve from your Yoga practice.

Strength and muscle tone: mornings, before 11am.

Strength and flexibility: mornings, before 11am.

Flexibility/de-stress: evenings, before your evening meal (or a few hours after).

9. Do I need to be flexible?

Not at all.

As part of learning Yoga, you will understand how to improve your flexibility by applying your breathing to both energise and relax your muscles.

10. Should I lose weight first?

Starting Yoga is a great way to inspire yourself to create and follow healthy new habits.

I advise strongly against crash diets, and can provide healthy, alternative dietary advice.

11. Do I need muscles?

We all have muscles, and Yoga empowers us by developing the abilities of those muscles. Together, we’ll develop and co-ordinate them through your practice.

12. What if I haven’t done Yoga before

This is perhaps my most commonly asked question, but it’s so not a problem. Most of my students are in fact beginners, or people returning to Yoga after periods of inactivity.

13. Do we need to practice very early?

Early morning practice (6am to 9am) is a lifestyle change. Practicing Yoga in the morning gives you a great start to the day; encouraging good eating and sleeping habits, and creating balance in your life.

14. Can I take photos?

Photos are a great way to motivate yourself and to document your own Yogic development. Upon request, I can take photos during your class, and forward them to you with a Yogic philosophy relevant to our practice for that day.

15. How do we monitor progression?

I will keep a diary of our classes and provide a summary for you for each class. Each class is a progression, introducing new poses and opening and developing new areas of the body as your practice expands.

16. What will you do with my private data?

Any personal information you submit to Yoga by Kay is purely for us to gain an insight into your personal needs before we begin practicing together.

Client confidentiality is something we take extremely seriously. We never share or sell client data.

17. How is payment made?

All cards are accepted, and PayPal invoicing is available.

I also accept cash in person at the beginning of my classes, although online payment prior to attending is preferred, to allow for more time to practice Yoga!

18. What is your cancelation policy?

Cancellations made less than 24 hours before a confirmed class will incur a 100% charge. All cancelations made more than 24hrs will incur no charge at all.

If your particular question hasn’t been addressed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch directly.

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